Entries can be submitted in the following ways:


A) Online: horseshowoffice.com


B)  Online via email submission, by following these steps:

a. Download the entry form here. 

b. Fill out the form.  Digital and Hand-Written submissions are accepted.

c. Email the entries to Anne Sushko – gandasushko@hotmail.com


C) Mail the entries to the following address                         

Anne Sushko

1942 Clifford Street

Dubuque, IA 52002-0445

IO_Jumping AND Dressage LOGO_black text.
New dressage classes in 2019!
Training and First Level
Great chance to earn qualifying score for Regionals
Limited Entries
Ride in the 2017 FEI World Cup™ Finals arena

Email Anne Sushko
(gandasushko@hotmail.com) for more info

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