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Dressage Riders: Enter the $45,000 Dressage Team Challenge

March 9, 2018

The Omaha Equestrian Foundation (OEF) is excited to offer Wild Card opportunities for its $45,000 Dressage Team Challenge competition at the International Omaha, April 12-15.



Held at the CenturyLink Center, this team competition gives NextGen and amateurs, as well as seniors, youth and para riders in Grade 3/4/5 a chance to compete together. Each team must include three riders, one of whom is a Youth rider.

Seniors: Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle
Seniors, Amateur, Youth: Intermediate 1 and Intermediate Freestyle
U25: Grand Prix U25 and Grand Prix Freestyle
Young Riders: YR Individual Test and YR Freestyle
Junior Riders: JR Individual Test and JR Freestyle
Para Riders (Grade 3/4/5): Individual Test and Freestyle in respective grade

The two best scores of the first technical test and the two best scores of the Freestyle test count. In total, four scores out of the six tests will count, with the Youth rider scores breaking ties.

The Dressage Team Challenge offers competitors a chance to ride in the CenturyLink Center, the site of the popular 2017 FEI World Cup Finals, and to present their horses in one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the Midwest.

As the host of the 2017 FEI World Cup Finals in jumping and dressage, the Omaha Equestrian Foundation is committed to raising the bar on how these disciplines are presented in North America. This includes bringing high performance equestrian sport into the mainstream and presenting championship competitions to the Midwest. The International Omaha offers the Dressage Team Challenge $45,000 in prize money.


Riders interested in forming a team and applying for a
wild card berth should contact Thomas Baur, Director of Dressage, at acm.baur@t-online.de.



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