Pony Club Educational Display

The United States Pony Club (USPC) premiered its interactive educational display at the International in April of 2013, drawing excited visitors of all ages and rave reviews.


The exhibit is available for travel to equine events across the country and is designed to reach out at the grassroots level to bring the magic of horses to youth.


The exhibit features:

  • 500 square feet of equine knowledge

  • 17 Interactive Educational Stations

  • Authentic Equine Components - bones from a real horse and actual grooming and tack items

  • Focused on Safety - for horse and rider

  • Appropriate for Any Horse Enthusiast or riding discipline

  • Degree of Flexibility ~when setting up

  • Mobile Convenience

Display Stations:


  • Proper Grooming – Real grooming utensils are available along with directions for use on a carpeted horse cut out.

  • Tail Grooming – Actual tails are inserted into cutout horses to teach brushing techniques and braiding.

  • Beach to Barn – Magnetic models encourage participants to make decisions about safety and appropriate dress around horses.

  • Helmet Fitting – Real safety approved adjustable helmets allow for proper safety helmet wear and fitting.

  • How Tall are You? – Learn how to measure a horse in hands and see how tall you are in comparison. Take a cutout home with you.

  • Photo Op Stop – Sit in authentic saddles and have your picture taken while "riding” helmets provided.

  • Learn to Properly Halter a Horse - Choose from 3 halters of different sizes.

  • Learn to Tie a Quick Release Knot - When you need to safely keep your horse tied.

  • Bridle Fitting – Adjust the bridle provided on the horse’s head for comfort and control when riding.

  • Face Markings – Use chalk to recreate markings on your cutout chalk board pony.

  • Leg Markings – Use chalk to recreate white leg markings on your cutout chalk board legs or make up new markings.

  • Horse of a Different Color – Flip up the pictures of Pony Club horses in action and see if you can identify the colors correctly.

  • Leg Wrapping – Learn to properly apply bandages, boots, and protective coverings on your horse’s legs. Splint boots, polo wraps, bell boots, standing wraps, shipping boots, give them all a try.

  • What’s in that Box? – Feel boxes remove your sense of sight and allow you to identify equine items hidden in a box. I know what’s in there but you don’t…

  • What Goes in Must Come Out – Life size digestive tract and facts that can be pulled out and stretched to its entire length.

  • A Bone to Pick – Many actual horse bones are buried in a trunk and can be pulled out and matched to a life sized skeleton to identify which bones have been found.

  • Walk a Mile in My Shoes – Several different horse shoes can be compared to human shoes and why different horses in different sports have different shoeing needs.

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