New and Expanded Class Offerings for 2019!  
Includes more Open Jumper Classes
Over $280,000 in Prize Money!

            • $7,500 1.40m “Wild Card Welcome” 
            • $100,000 InIt2WinIt Speed Jumping Finals
            • $100,000 International Omaha Grand Prix

New Open Divisions!
• $18,000 1.30m Open Jumper Division, featuring a $10,000 1.30m Open Jumper Classic
• $11,000 1.20m Open Jumper Division, featuring a $7,500 1.20m Open Jumper Classic
• $5,000 1.10m Open Jumper Division, featuring a $3,000 1.10m Open Jumper Classic


Junior and Amateur Divisions!
• $19,500 1.30m Medium Jr/Am Jumpers, featuring a $12,500 1.30m Jr/Am Jumper Classic
• $15,000 1.20m Low Jr/Am Jumpers, featuring a $10,000 1.20m Jr/Am Jumper Classic
• $8,000 1.10m Child/Adult Jumpers, featuring a $5,000 1.10m Child/Adult Jumper Classic


Entries can be submitted in the following ways: 

A) Online:

B)  Online via email submission, by following these steps:

a. Download the entry form here.

b. Fill out the form.  Digital and Hand-Written submissions are accepted.

c. Email the entries to the appropriate secretary:

    Patrice Urban – 

C)  Mail the entries to the following address:

Patrice Urban   

22105 Quail Circle   

Elkhorn, NE 6802

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