Gallery Of Breeds

The Gallery of Breeds is a face-to-muzzle encounter with many different horse breeds.  Learn more about the history of each breed and how these horses are being used today.  More horses coming soon!

"Cedarwood's Luke Skywalker"



Luke is an 11 yr. old Percheron gelding.  He stands 19 3/4 hands tall.  He weighs in at about 2500 pounds!  Luke is owned by Shelly Rowell of Will Rowe Acres in Firth, Nebraska.

Luke is the epitome of the Percheron draft breed.  He stands tall an proud and has a pleasing attitude with soft, kind eyes. Shelly has owned Luke for 6 years.  He was previously used in a 8- and 6- up hitch wagon team.

For more information about the Percheron breed in the US:

Waverhead Model 4 


Fell Pony

Darby is a 21 year old Fell Pony from England. The Fell Pony is a hardy, versatile breed originating in the north of England. Darby's pedigree is exceptional and he has won numerous awards in both England and the United States. In fact, Darby has sired (fathered) three of the ponies that Queen Elizabeth rides. Known for their gentle demeanor and smooth gate, these ponies are perfect for a 90 year-old Queen!  Darby also is the model for the Fell Pony made by Breyer Model Horses. Darby loves love and will do just about anything for an apple.   

For more information about the Fell Pony in North America visit:


Hackney Pony Cross

Derby is the official ambassador for the Nebraska Humane Society's Star Equine Program. Derby came to the NHS as a stray, running the streets of South Omaha, and even down to I-80.  She was rescued on the same day as the Kentucky Derby, hence her name! Once she was caught, she went to the NHS for months of rehabilitation for her emotional wounds as well as scrapes from her time running.

Derby is a Hackney Pony Cross. Hackneys have a reputation for being tenacious and fearless; qualities that are seen in top-tier show ponies.  They are very brave, alert, active and possess great stamina.  Hackneys are also known for being friendly toward humans and are suitable for both show and as companion animals.  

For more information about Derby and the Nebraska Humane Society:

Willow Fina Hill


Norwegian Fjord

Annie is a 15 year old Norwegian Fjord standing at 14.1 hands tall. She's a great representation of the versatility of the breed. Her favorite activity is trail riding, but she's been very successful in the dressage ring and has also dabbled in lower level eventing.


Annie's lived up to the Fjord stereotype of driving a cart, and has even gone skijoring! Her quiet temperament and intelligent personality make her a great fit for any discipline."

For more information about the Fjord breed in the US:

Outlaw's Cosmos Bey


Miniature Horse

     Cosmos is a 5 year old B size registered AMHR miniature horse and he is just that, a horse in miniature size. If you were to view a photo of him without any recognizable background you would never know that he is only 36.5" tall! He is a Champion AMHR Stock Halter Horse, Reserve Country Pleasure Driving Horse. Though just beginning his driving career last spring he is still coming into his own. He loves showing off his floating trot to music which has earned him first places in Liberty Classes as well as my heart. Cosmos is a sensitive guy, he loves to comfort other horses who are fearful and has a soft spot for Nickermaker treats because they have oats in them!

For more information visit the American Miniature Horse Association


Jenson Shires of Blair Nebraska will be bringing a surprise guest Shire!  The Jenson family has been breeding award winning shire horses for over 23 years, including the Guinness Book of Records tallest horse, Tina, who measured at 20.1 hands! The Jenson Shire Farm is located on the Missouri River Bluffs overlooking the beautiful Loess Hills of western Iowa. The farm is only 18 miles north of Epply Air Port in Omaha and just across the Missouri River from Interstate 29 and 680.

The Jenson's will be bringing Jenson's Diplomat Destiny and her foal Jenson's Murphy Darling.

For more information about the American Shire Hose Association:

Jim's Last Request


Missouri Fox Trotter

JR is a 19 year old Missouri Fox Trotter gelding who has won several World Championships at the Fox Trotter World shows.  JR is a versatile horse that has competed in trail, horsemanship, western pleasure, showmanship, reining, and speed events. JR's favorite treat is cookies!


Missouri Fox Trotters originated in Missouri and four smooth gaits including the Missouri Fox Trot and the flat footed walk. They are smart and gentle and can be trained in many disciplines.

For more information about the Missouri Fox Trotter visit:

Spot The Difference



 Choc a.k.a. “Spot The Difference” is a 2007 chestnut leopard Appaloosa gelding. Although looking at him today, it’s baffling to think this horse was once a neglected rescue. Choc has proven that a rescue horse can not only recover from a bad past, but has shown how versatile and the great potential that’s not recognized in rescues. 


Choc has went from unwanted to being extremely successful in jumping, bringing home ribbons in both hunters and jumpers at USEF shows! He is primarily a show jumper and showing potential to compete at higher heights! 


Mostly standing out because of his loud color, Choc also stands out for his ability to jump! The Appaloosa breed is extremely versatile and it’s interesting to think that there aren’t very many Appaloosas that jump competitively! 

Only thing Choc loves more than jumping is peppermint hard candies and naps! 

For more information about Appaloosas visit:

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