Gallery Of Breeds

The Gallery of Breeds is a face-to-muzzle encounter with many different horse breeds.

Hourly demonstrations of grooming, veterinary care, and more will be featured.  The Gallery of Breeds will be open during expo hours.

"Cedarwood's Luke Skywalker"



Luke is an 11 yr. old Percheron gelding.  He stands 19 3/4 hands tall.  He weighs in at about 2500 pounds!  Luke is owned by Shelly Rowell of Will Rowe Acres in Firth, Nebraska.

Luke is the epitome of the Percheron draft breed.  He stands tall an proud and has a pleasing attitude with soft, kind eyes. Shelly has owned Luke for 6 years.  He was previously used in a 8- and 6- up hitch wagon team.

For more information about the Percheron breed in the US:

Gosi frá Lambastöðum



Stallion Gosi frá Lambastöðum (IS2001138455) stands at stud at Harmony Icelandics. Gosi is a highly evaluated four-gaited Icelandic, who carries the gene for pace. Gosi is noted for his superior conformation, extraordinary mane and tail, smooth tölt and lovely canter, but most impressive is his extremely calm temperament. Gosi has competed in high level shows in both the United States and Iceland, including the 2010 Landesmót. Last year he was awarded first place in T1 (Advanced Tölt) at the World Ranking show in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Gunnhildur frá Kollaleiru



Gunnhildur frá Kollaleiru (IS1999276452) was imported into the United States from Iceland in 2007 and was the highest evaluated mare in the country the following year. “Gunny” is a five-gaited horse with a mild demeanor but fiery movement. She has exceptional leg lift and an excellent flying pace. She has not only excelled in tölt competition but is a wonderful trail riding horse.

For more information about the Icelandic Horse breed in the US:

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Jenson's Diplomat Destiny & Jenson's Murpy Darling


Jenson Shires of Blair Nebraska will be bringing a surprise guest Shire!  The Jenson family has been breeding award winning shire horses for over 23 years, including the Guinness Book of Records tallest horse, Tina, who measured at 20.1 hands! The Jenson Shire Farm is located on the Missouri River Bluffs overlooking the beautiful Loess Hills of western Iowa. The farm is only 18 miles north of Epply Air Port in Omaha and just across the Missouri River from Interstate 29 and 680.

The Jenson's will be bringing Jenson's Diplomat Destiny and her foal Jenson's Murphy Darling.

For more information about the American Shire Hose Association:



     Vast was a Wild Horse who was relocated in December 2012 from Little Owyhee, Nevada. He roamed the plateaus, hills, and valleys of Northern Nevada for approximately one year until he became a member of the Bureau of Land Management. He was saddle broken at Hutchison, KS State Correctional Facility and was enlisted in the US Army in February 2017. 

      Vast has competed in Regional and National Cavalry Competitions, winning numerous accreditations and awards. He has performed at various venues across the Country, to include: Pendleton Round-Up, Pendleton, OR; Sheridan WYO Rodeo, Sheridan, WY; Scottish-Highland Festival, Estes Park, CO; Little Big Horn Battlefield, Garry Owen, MT; Chicago Memorial Day Parade, Chicago, IL; and Minnesota Horse Expo, Saint Paul, MN.

       The name Vast is a legacy name throughout US Army Cavalry History. Vast was one of General Hirman Tuttle’s personal horse while in the Army. General Tuttle won the Olympic Bronze Medal in Dressage in 1932 and 1936.




     Otter, Jockey Club name Oughterson, is an 11 year old thoroughbred gelding by Distorted Humor. He earned $96,000 on the track and broke a track record at Canterbury Park in Minnesota before being retired from racing to become an event horse. He has since competed successfully through training level eventing. In 2018 he tore his ACL and spent most of the year rehabbing, but made a full recovery and is looking at moving up to do Prelim level eventing this summer. Otter also loves trail riding and clementines.

For more information about Otter and MHEventing visit:


Outlaw's Cosmos Bey


Miniature Horse

     Cosmos is a 5 year old B size registered AMHR miniature horse and he is just that, a horse in miniature size. If you were to view a photo of him without any recognizable background you would never know that he is only 36.5" tall! He is a Champion AMHR Stock Halter Horse, Reserve Country Pleasure Driving Horse. Though just beginning his driving career last spring he is still coming into his own. He loves showing off his floating trot to music which has earned him first places in Liberty Classes as well as my heart. Cosmos is a sensitive guy, he loves to comfort other horses who are fearful and has a soft spot for Nickermaker treats because they have oats in them!

For more information visit the American Miniature Horse Association


Quarter Horse Stallion

     Roosta is an 11 year old Quarter Horse stallion. Roosta is registered with the American Quater Horse Association. He is also registered with the NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) with over $17000.00 in money earned. Roosta has over 500 points with the AQHA in reining, ranch riding, and all around points combined. 

For more information about Quarter Horses, visit the American Quarter Horse Association website:

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