Educational Equine Traveling Display


A key component of the Omaha Equestrian Foundation’s (OEF) mission is to  educate and engage a demographically diverse audience on equine history, sport, and care – both those who already hold an interest in horses and those who may know very little about them. 


In order to expand and grow this education and outreach component, the Omaha Equestrian Foundation developed and introduced a traveling equine display and interactive presentation in the spring of 2014 – debuting at the University of Nebraska Medical Center – with the goal of bringing the International Omaha and its educational components to a variety of groups who may not be able to physically attend the event.  Such groups include children who are hospitalized, participants of particular social service organizations, and senior citizens. 


The OEF believes that these interactive educational opportunities are a chance for children and adults alike to experience and be enriched by something outside their regular day to day lives.


To schedule a presentation, contact the Omaha Equestrian Foundation at 402-444-1630 or email

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