Come and Enjoy all the Interactive Displays at the

Horse Discovery Zone!

The 2019 Burlington Capital International Omaha will provide expanded educational opportunities for emerging athletes as well as young people and families of all ages.

Past exhibits have included:


School Field Trips – In 2018, over 3,600 school children from the Omaha Metro area attend our fully funded, free field trips. For many of these children, it was their first opportunity to see a horse, much less have the opportunity to pet and interact with a multitude of different horses in our Gallery of Breeds.


Gallery of Breeds – A face-to-muzzle encounter with a horse where children are encouraged to pet, ask horse owners and riders questions and generally get to know these magnificent animals. Featured breeds include: Morgan, Thoroughbred, Gypsy Vanner, Percheron, Shire, Icelandic, Pinto, a mini Pinto, and a Therapy Horse from HETRA.


Mane Street Museum – This exhibit teaches the differences between the two disciplines of riding –English and Western– through the equipment (tack), clothing and movements required from the horse. Children can sit on saddles, meet a veterinary technician, learn about the equine digestive system, age a horse by its teeth and watch a blacksmith demonstrate the making and setting of a horse shoe. Test your knowledge at fun displays that require kids to “Name that Breed”, measure the amount of grain a horse eats in a day or measure yourself as a horse would – in “hands”.


Daytime Competition – Children and families are invited to watch our daytime competitions in dressage and jumping that feature junior and amateur riders working their way up the competitive ranks.


Athlete Autograph Sessions – At the conclusion of each evening competition, fans are invited to meet and get the autographs of that evenings winning riders.


Horse Parade – Scheduled parades showcase the various horse breeds who are paraded around the practice arena for everyone to admire.


Regulation Jumps – Measure yourself up to the height of a real jump used in official International Omaha and World Cup competition. You will see how high a horse and rider have to leap to get over it!


Union Pacific Train Safety – The professionals from Union Pacific bring demonstrations for trains and railroad track safety.


Horseless Mini-Jump Competition – Children (and fun-loving adults) are invited to test their own jumping skills over a course of mini-jumps to win a prize!


Live Demonstrations - Hourly demonstrations on Saturday of grooming, veterinary care, braiding a tail, horse shoeing and tacking up.


Tack Room – Touch and feel bridles, bits and spurs! Examine the weight of a horseshoe, see the grain and hay a horse eats, and compare a horse brush to your own.

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