Breyer Zone

Welcome to the Breyer Zone!

Breyer Horses, world leader in the model horse industry, will be joining us for the 2019 Burlington Capital International Omaha! We will have a Breyer booth set up and two workshops over the event weekend so the kids can paint a Stablemates® model of their very own while they learn from some of the leading craftsman in the industry. Vendors will be on hand as well for you to purchase a variety of model horses.


Come join us April 4-7th to experience the Breyer Zone and so much more! 

Ribbon Halter Making

Saturday Workshop

This $25 workshop will show young participants how to make ribbon halters for a traditional sized Breyer model horse. A traditional Breyer model is included in the workshop. This class will be available for kids ages 10 and up. Come find out how Breyer makes accessories for their famous model horses! One workshop Saturday morning, one workshop Sunday afternoon. Sign up below. 

Stablemates Display Stand 

Sunday Workshop

This workshop will be painting and decorating a wooden base to display your Stablemates model horse (Stablemates model is 4 in. tall). This workshop is priced at $10 for kids ages 8 and up. Come create a display to show off your very own Breyer Stablemates model horse! Sign up below. 

Both workshops are 1.5 - 2 hours long and spaces are limited so reserve your space now!

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